STARSWORKING CLASS INDUSTRY, LLC (WCI) represents the next evolution in musical artist development. Created as a hybrid development venture, the group is focused on making great records by using cutting edge technologies to effectively develop and distribute artists’ music and brands. WCI seeks to provide a destination where creative resources, that were once available only from a major label, are now abundant for our clients. With a DIY ethos in mind and in the shadow of a crumbling major label industry, WCI came to fruition in an effort to unite the creative spirits of sound and vision in powerful new ways. Ultimately aspiring to provide independent and major label artists alike the modern day tools and support needed to flourish in today’s competitive digital realm. The WCI venture has two clear initiatives in achieving these goals for a new breed of talent to come. First, we endeavor to produce and release compelling music directly in conjunction with artists as a modern day music company. This will include the recording/producing, the release and distribution of records and audio visual properties as well as the licensing of masters for film, broadcast, TV and new media digital placement.

Secondly, WCI will provide expansive marketing and development services for both our projects and those outside talents who enlist our immense creative resources. On the service front, the goal is to electrify artists’ branding and ancillary resource initiatives. WCI will accomplish this by providing extensive merchandising, digital marketing and promotions resources, including campaign ideation, website design, webstore creation, graphic design, and merchandise development.

Working Class Industry, LLC is the brainchild of musical artist and entrepreneur Chris Kirkpatrick (N*SYNC, The Dopplegangers, Nigels11), graphic artist Bill Curran (Evil Little Clown, Digitas, Sony Music), musician/songwriter and production manager Mike Bosch (Catacomb Studios, The Dopplegangers, Nigels11), and Jay Reason (Jive Records, Stillborn Records, The Distance).